Why Collecting Coins Is the Perfect Activity for Grandparents and Grandkids to Share

With the pace of technology and the ever-changing political and social landscape, there’s a big difference between growing up two generations ago and growing up as a kid today. It’s harder than ever for grandparents to get their grandkids’ attention, especially when they reach pre-teen age and beyond. Luckily, there is one activity you can both enjoy that’s sure to keep your grandkids’ phones in their pockets and their attention on spending time with you: collecting coins.

It’s an Educational Activity in Disguise

Visit the Govmint website with your grandkids and spend hours sorting through different coins with historical value or coins that are otherwise limited, rare or visually appealing. Discuss what the historical figures or events depicted on the coins mean to educate your grandchild as she has fun helping you choose. If she finds a particular historical story appealing, make sure to order her that coin set.

It’s a Memory Builder

Discussing coins and history is an activity that really gets your brain active, which makes your memory sharper and makes you a more appealing companion to your grandchild. Trying to track down the missing coins in a series really gets your gears turning so your grandkid won’t get frustrated spending time with you. (They’re usually at that age where they’ve yet to learn tact, so if it seems like Grandma and Grandpa are a little slow, they’ll just grumble and get bored.)

It Can Structure Your Day

Instead of letting your grandkids watch TV or play on their phones all day when they’re at your house, you can structure an entire day’s activities around coin collecting. Spend time online and at coin and antique shops looking for the missing coins in your set. Insert new coins into books or display cases to preserve them around the house. If there’s a coin show on the horizon, you might even entice your grandchild to spend the day with you even if his parents hadn’t planned on having him drop by.

Coins can be a decoration around your home or they can be locked away as an investment. If your grandkids help you cultivate the collection, they’ll feel like they played more of a part in their eventual inheritance and will remember collecting with you fondly. They may even be inspired to pass on those memories by collecting with their own kids and grandkids someday because coins will never go out of style.

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